Term and Whole Life Insurance for Members

Term Life Insurance: Union Labor Life's Term Life Insurance products provide coverage for members and their families with premiums that do not change during the coverage term due to changing health conditions or other personal circumstances.

  • Comprehensive coverage for a specified period of time with the option to renew or convert to longer term life insurance
  • Coverage to help replace lost income for your family’s ongoing life expenses such as mortgage payments, college tuition or loans
  • Available for members and spouses ages 18 to 80

Whole Life Insurance: Union Labor Life’s Whole Life Insurance offers coverage up to age 100 for members and their families without the need to convert or renew as they get older.

  • Guaranteed rates and benefit amounts for the life of the coverage as long as premiums are paid
  • Policy may build cash value over time
  • Provides coverage during retirement years or for final expenses
  • Available for members and spouses ages 18 to 80

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