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Hospital Accident Care Insurance Plan

Accidents can be costly. With a Hospital Accident Care Plan, you can receive lump sum benefits that can help you pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-payments and out-of-network costs, even for unexpected expenses such as child care, pet-sitting or lost income.  Coverage even continues for follow up doctors visits related to your injury (up to 5 visits per year) and if an ambulance is needed, 5 trips per year are covered as well (not available in all states).

Labor Dispute Waiver of Premium* coverage is included for active union members for union-sanctioned Strikes or Lockouts because we understand the importance of keeping your benefits regardless of the challenges you may face in the workforce.

*Not available in all states.

Benefits paid in addition to any other coverage or plan. (1)

  • Medical treatment without hospital confinement at a hospital emergency room, surgical facility, trauma center, and urgent care center.
  • Hospital confinement and ambulance transportation.
  • Expenses as you recover from a covered injury such as home health care, additional physical therapy or housekeeping help.

In-Hospital Benefits.

  • $200.00/day for Hospital or $250.00/day for Intensive Care.
  • With Family Coverage, if you and your insured spouse are confined at the same time for the same accident, benefits may double while you are both hospitalized.

Out-of-Hospital Benefits.

  • $50.00 Ambulance for up to 5 trips/year (not available in all states).
  • $25.00/day Physician Follow-Up Visits (up to 5 days/year).

Full benefits up to age 80.

  • You are eligible for full benefits up to age 80. At age 80, your benefit amount will reduce by 50%. The protection is yours for life as long as premiums are paid, and the Group Master Policy remains in force.

Labor Dispute Waiver of Premium for active union members.

  • Pays your premium for up to a whole year in the event of a union-sanctioned Strike or Lockout lasting 30 or more days (not available in all states).

This information is only an outline of The Union Labor Life Insurance Company's Hospital Accident Care Insurance Plan features. Once approved for coverage, it is important that you read your Certificate of Insurance for the exact benefits, terms and conditions of this insurance plan as benefits, limitations, and exclusions may vary by age and State.

(1) If you have more than one Union Labor Life Certificate or Policy providing the same or similar coverage, your total daily hospital benefit cannot exceed $500 for each covered person. Any excess insurance shall be void and any additional premium paid on such excess will be refunded.

All covered benefits are paid directly to you or to a doctor, hospital or anyone you choose in the event of an accident.

  • There are no restrictions with how you use your benefits. Once paid, benefits are yours to use as you wish.

Protection valid anytime, anywhere for covered injury.(1)

No individual rate increase under your Union's Group Master Policy.(2)

Choose individual coverage for only $7.95/month or family coverage for $15.95/month.

  • Family coverage protects the union member, spouse and unmarried dependent children under age 19 (age 25, if they are full time students).(3)

(1) Some injuries as a result of an accident are excluded.

(2) Rates may change only if they are changed for all insureds under the Group Master Policy.

(3) Provisions vary by state. Coverage for a dependent child stops on the date he/she ceases to be a dependent or when he/she is no longer a full time student. To continue coverage for a dependent child who is enrolled as a full time student, written notice to the Carrier is required in advance.

Your plan does not cover injury caused by or resulting from: Intentionally self-inflicted injury; suicide, or any attempt at suicide; the voluntary use of drugs, medications or sedatives, unless prescribed by a physician; being legally intoxicated as defined in the state where the injury occurs; travel in any noncommercial aircraft; an injury that occurs while the insured is committing or attempting to commit an assault or felony; sickness, or bodily or mental illness.

Exclusions may vary by state. Please read your certificate for full details. Contact us at 1-888-292-7749 for more information.

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